Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Tuesdays are long

I must have just become a bit slow, but I didn't get through my list tonight. The pheasant terrine didn't get made....however the meringues, Christmas puddings, mincemeat cheesecake, and cranberry and walnut torte/pie did. It often happens that one task needs several others to be performed prior to it being possible for that task to be achieved. Hence, the cheesecake needed more sweet mince to be made. The cranberry and walnut needed sable pastry made, rolled out and sealed, and the Christmas puddings needed me to find and clean all the dariole moulds from several corners of the kitchen. All of this is easier to achieve when I am alone in the kitchen on a Tuesday night, but it makes a long day for an auld girl! I always do service on a Tuesday lunchtime, and then cleaning on Tuesday afternoon. However I'm home now and sitting down. Early start tomorrow to make the cinnamon scones!

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