Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mexican is the new Thai

Mexican is, it seems, the current flavour, with a few new venues opening nearby and a very established one in the city centre. William's day off is incomplete without a 'Boojum'! How clever they are in Boojum.....they offer a small range of  fantastically tasty food, they serve it quickly, (even though there is often a very conspicuous queue at lunch time) and their location is spot on.

In The Bay Tree, we have gone for a bit of Mexican too, with the help of Thomasina Myers and her lovely colourful books. Well, actually, it's just her books that have helped us! I sent off to The Cool Chile Company for some Chipotle chillies, and I have become less of a coward with the Scotch Bonnet chili, which I can get in Tesco.
From this book, we make Chipotles en Adobo. As Thomasina says 'this smoky, slightly sweet puree harnesses the intense flavours of dried chipotle chillies, lasts for months, and is an indispensable ingredient.....a small teaspoon is delicious stirred into stews, pasta sauces, dressings and mayonnaises'. So, that's what we do........
We are currently serving Chicken Adobado on our Friday night menu. Adobado means marinated, and what a marinade it is....punchy and aromatic, and we serve it with refried beans, soured cream and pink pickled onions. Refried beans are another thing I used to be a bit afraid of. I thought they would be fairly dull and give me wind. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Delicious and hardly any wind.
I am going to Australia in July to visit Bridget, and I shall photocopy a few more Mexican recipes to try while I'm there. I'm looking forward to lots of eating!