Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas day

The family are coming to our house on Christmas day. This is lovely. It's a recent change of plan, but I have help at hand in the form of Bridget and Jeremy who live with me. It's much much easier for someone who cooks for a living to produce Christmas dinner, than it is for someone with less experience. HOWEVER, there are factors which may influence the outcome. Firstly, I never drink alcohol during service at work, and I almost certainly will on Saturday. Secondly, I have a fully equipped kitchen in The Bay Tree.....not so at home. The next thing is that I hardly ever cook at home for others because I am usually at The Bay Tree, and the standard of my home assistants may not be quite what I am used to.
 It will all be grand though. My timings might not be quite right, but we will have the same meal we always have, with some nice wine, followed by mother's Christmas brandy soused  pud with brandy butter.

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