Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday night dinner

Well, we have gone back to opening just one night a week (down from 5) It has been a bit liberating really. Liberating and exciting. I have been serving dinner on Friday night since September 1994, and recently it has felt like those old days. One night a week makes it just a bit more special, a private dinner party almost. Also, now I don't do quite so much in the kitchen, I have time to go out into the restaurant and chat with customers. Restaurateurs are hosts after all. I always used to have a word with everyone at the end of the evening, but then the workload seemed to increase, in terms of getting ready for the next day etc, and I stopped communing with the world outside the kitchen. Having a beer,clearing up and going home became what I did. How much better to hear what people have eaten and get a few tips about making things better!

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