Sunday, 30 January 2011


My daughter, bridget, is getting married in August, and we really want to try to grow the flowers for the wedding. We are not aiming for posh arrangements, as we will be in a field, but I would like to think I could manage to produce quantities of sweet pea, cosmos, larkspur, dahlias etc. Sarah Raven has become my mentor, and I am told she has even published a wedding flower book, although I can't find it on Amazon.
 I shall also have to think about the food. What is in my head at the moment is slow roast  shoulder of pork... a big rustic roast for each table. It's possibly not the easist thing to achieve, but I can't think beyond it at the moment.


  1. sarah raven did a series on growing wedding flowers in the saturday telegraph gardening pages last year.. there are two parts.. here is a link to part one

  2. A big thank you to David for his help in sending me a link to Sarah Raven's Daily Telegraph articles about 'growing a wedding', both flowers and food.It's really really helpful, and actually, I will find it difficult to deviate from her instructions!

  3. good luck with it all... am here sorting out seeds leftover from last year and ear-marking new beauties from seed catalogues. Time to buy a cold frame!